We invite you to become part of this active ministry of the Word. A catechist is a teacher of religious education - a person who facilitates the process of faith formation.

This is done first by living the word of God in his or her own life, and second by helping others to do the same.


The Office of Religious Education in the Diocese of Wilmington oversees parish formation requirements and creates a permanent record for all those on the path to certification. The Office maintains a permanent record of each certified catechist and sends Catechist Record Cards, indicating yearly certification status to Parish Coordinators.

In accordance with the Diocesan Guidelines, we recognize the goal and commitment for catechetic basic certification is within 18 months of beginning the program. Upon completion of the Basic Catechist Formation Course, the Diocese of Wilmington will provide a certificate to the catechist, which is generally accepted in the Diocese.

Echoes of Faith - Basic Certification
The process of certification begins with a DVD driven program called “Echoes of Faith.” You may obtain the workbooks and DVDs for completion at home or join any number of our “learning groups” as we present information in classroom format. Please contact the Office of Faith Formation to request either format.

Intermediate and Advanced Certification
We encourage ongoing faith formation through a more Intermediate and Advanced Certification Process which takes place in a variety ways:

  • DVD-driven classes w/ workbook
  • Diocesan Catechist Certification Day
  • Workshops; local and Diocesan
  • Catechist Retreats; local and Diocesan
  • Adult Faith Formation Classes


Expectation of a Catechist

  • As a role model of Catholic teachings and values, a catechist must be a practicing Catholic who participates fully in the communal worship and life of the Church.
  • “Knowing” is an imperative part of the catechist’s commitment. The catechist will be trained in “sufficient knowledge of the message” and his/her techniques/skills enriched through training workshops provided by the parish and Diocese.
  • To follow the Saints Peter & Paul catechetical program, prepare lesson plans, organize activities, and seek assistance towards this aim.
  • To make a good faith commitment to know and follow the catechetical guidelines as distributed each year at Orientation.
  • Make every effort to arrive on time, allow for environment set-up and take down, and to obtain a substitute, when necessary.
  • Sunday School takes place on Sunday mornings from 8:45 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., twenty-eight Sundays in a year. Sunday School generally runs from September through May.
  • Expect reward beyond measure and never underestimate the power of prayer!

Mrs. Linda Steinmiller
Christian Formation
Director of Religious Education
410-822-6581 x171