Our Ministries

Parish volunteers make it possible for us to worship and reflect when we come together to receive God’s grace within the liturgical ministry. Every role is an important responsibility of the baptized to participate in the responses, singing, and listening during the celebration of the liturgy. Some are also called to participate in special liturgical ministries throughout the celebration.

We invite those who may be interested in participating as a liturgical minister – there are many ways to serve. Click here to learn more.

Saints Peter & Paul’s Music Ministry, under the direction of Krys Kozinski-Sansing, is a vivacious ministry of devoted parishioners, both young and the young at heart. At present, there are over 65 active members. Cantors and music ensembles rehearse regularly and participate in weekly services, as well as special liturgies throughout the year. Music is not only extremely important, but integral to worship and liturgy! We hope that our voices, playing of instruments and music selections are meaningful to each and every one of you as you continue to nurture loving and trusting relationships with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Click here to learn more about our Music Ministry.

Community and Support Groups
Parish life at Saints Peter & Paul involves our ministries as well as other parish-sponsored community groups that center their efforts around building community and offering support to those in need.

These groups allow parishioners to connect with one another on a social, pastoral, and spiritual level, making it a vibrant and active Parish.

​Click here to learn more information on our community and support groups.