Saints Peter and Paul Columbarium and Cemetery (SSPPCC)

Glossary of Terms for the SSPPCC




A burial ground or churchyard



The pavilion and walls with niches that store cremains



Blessed and sacred grounds



The ashes of a cremated human body

Flat Marker


A memorial that is flush to the ground, made of bronze or granite, set in concrete with a granite base, engraved with deceased’s name and date of birth and death.



The burial of a corpse in a grave


The placement of cremains in an urn. Also refers to the placement



of an urn in the columbarium niche.


A building for above ground entombment. Mausoleums are not



permitted at SSPPCC.


A headstone, flat grave marker or family monument typically made of granite, engraved with deceased’s name and date of birth and death.




A single compartment within a columbarium wall or room that holds a person’s cremated remains.

Niche Faceplate


The opening cover to an individual niche, constructed of granite, that is removable for memorial engraving.


A larger version of a memorial, often times used to identify a family that could include names of father/mother and could have smaller flat markers nearby for individual family members.



A covered subsidiary building open on most sides that at



SSPPCC also has niches, is part of the columbarium and can be




used for committal services.




An outdoor archway consisting of an open frame designed to provide shade to a walkway or seating area.




A container for holding cremains that may be various shapes and sizes



A container often made of concrete that encloses a coffin or urn that is buried.


SSPPCC Columbarium and Cemetery Sections:


Memorial Garden The open-air walled garden portion of the columbarium.  


It has pergola covered brick walkways, benches and a water



feature in the center.


The covered structure attached to the Memorial Garden that


contains niches and also serves as a place for final prayer



during a committal service.

Pieta Garden

That portion of the cemetery that is reserved for graves


with flat markers. It is located directly behind the columbarium.


It has a pieta sculpture located at the end of the brick path that


divides this garden.

Monument Garden


 That portion of the cemetery that is reserved for headstones

   family monuments.It is located directly behind the sanctuary.  It 
   has a round patio located at the end of the brick path that divides
   this garden. The patio will be the site of a future statue.